Korg repair near me

The Korg Corporation manufactures a range of electronic musical instruments and the Korg keyboard is one of the most favored keyboards in the music industry in countries all over the world. However, even such state-of-the-art equipment, like the Korg keyboard will, at some stage, require repair and Digitron Electronics is an authorized service agent for the Korg range of electronic musical instruments and our company can offer the guarantee that the Korg keyboard repair will be carried out professionally.

Feel free to find out more via our website, www. Once a Korg keyboard repair is undertaken, we offer our customers the assurance that our repair philosophy goes a lot further than simply resolving the problem, as once the Korg keyboard repair has been done, we offer the assurance that all Korg keyboards which leave our premises will function as good as new.

The Korg keyboard will be repaired to its original factory specifications. The bench technician who is tasked with the Korg keyboard repair is an electronic engineer and as such, has a clear understanding of the digital and analog circuitry and our innovative and state-of-the-art repair services have allowed Digitron Electronics to set the standards for the Korg keyboard repair.

In addition to Korg keyboard repair, we offer repairs to a number of other professional musical instruments, such as guitar pedals, rack mount midi equipment, synthesizers, sound processors, electronic drum machines, amplifiers and electric pianos. To view a breakdown of the rates which are charged for the Korg keyboard repair, take a moment to browse the Digitron Electronics website. Allow Digitron Electronics to be your first choice in Korg keyboard repair, and enjoy the benefits of dealing with a professional in audio and video repair that has raised the bar for other audio and video repair companies.

Just be sure to carefully pack your item in a new box with plenty of cushioning, include a note describing your issues and contact information, and we will contact you when we have an estimate ready!

Remember, that the UPS store can always pack and ship your unit for you if you are uncertain about its safety. Ship orders to our Los Angeles Repair Facility:. No menu assigned! No Comments 1 0 0. Korg Keyboards The Korg Corporation manufactures a range of electronic musical instruments and the Korg keyboard is one of the most favored keyboards in the music industry in countries all over the world. About Digitron Electronics In addition to Korg keyboard repair, we offer repairs to a number of other professional musical instruments, such as guitar pedals, rack mount midi equipment, synthesizers, sound processors, electronic drum machines, amplifiers and electric pianos.

As a result, we stand by our product. We repair all units we sell, cutting out the middle man and guaranteeing timely repairs. Telegraph Rd. Unit D Montebello, CA N-Drive provides USB floppy disk drive emulation for a wide range of electronic music keyboards.

Keyboard Repair & Maintenance

See the Internal Battery Resource Page about changing internal synth batteries. Regarding floppy disk drives that fail in old keyboards. Most of the time it is simply due to the rubber drive belt stretching over time and replacing it with a similar sized drive belt will fix the problem.

Just search ebay for "drive band rubber belt" to buy an inexpensive set of varying sized belts. Advanced Musical Electronics. Will accept work shipped from anywhere in the world. Alpha Entek. Cleveland based business that sells wooden Minimoog cabinet kits, ends and Prophet wood replacement kits.

Analog Lab. Audio Electronics. Dallas based repair and service, authorised to work on most major brands. Audio Rehab. Burbank California based service that repairs pro audio gear for studios and musicians.

Auxren LLC. Nashville, Tennessee based. Certified Vintage Moog Repair pending. CAE Sound. Chicago Electric Piano Company. Restore Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Hohner keyboards. Cyberwave EMS. Based in the U.

korg repair near me

K Hereford and London they specialise in the sale and repair of vintage synthesisers. Davidson Electronics. Based in NY U. Sell Lightfoils and explains how to replace the foil in your LCD display.

Electronic Edge. Ohio based company offers expert repair and restoration of classic electric pianos and keyboards including Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Clavinet. Electronic Instrument Repair Group. A Yahoo Group discussing the repair of electronic instruments. EPR Electronics. Florida based business that has been in the business of servicing professional keyboards, guitar amps, power amps and pro audio gear since Floppy Drive Solutions.

Sell replacement floppy disk drives for many electronic keyboards. Hammond Hire. Official parts supplier for Korg, Vox and Marshall gear.

korg repair near me

Major Key. Mike Barden.I am a full-time, professional electronic musical instrument repair specialist. Generally far too many years spent dealing with you mad musicians it takes one to know one!

korg repair near me

Why do you nearly always get my answerphone? So most of the time I work with the phone unplugged. Also I want you to hear the answerphone message. You can ring me between certain times most Mondays — see Contact page A Monday Bank Holiday is a holiday for me too, so please ring the following week Sometimes I skip a Monday e. Sometimes … I just forget to plug in my phone — not deliberately!

Many enquiries are about types of product for which I have never been a repairer. Roland — some pianos, some keyboards but no synths or organs. Yamaha — some pianos, some keyboards but no synths or organs. It was often possible to get several jobs in one area and this meant the travelling costs could be shared. Organ repairs have become a thing of the past as most organs have been thrown away.

These days nearly all the things I get asked to repair are portable enough to be brought to me. Even the top section of most home digital pianos can be lifted into a car by two people.

Things are much more reliable now so there are far fewer repairs. As a result there is very little chance of sharing travelling costs. This means there is even less chance of sharing travelling costs.

No thanks! It will always be cheaper if you bring or send your repair to me. For many Technics pianos and ensembles you only need to remove and send me a circuit board by post. I know Technics pianos and ensembles very well and can tell you which circuit board I need you to send. Telephone me or leave a message on a Monday to say which model you have and what the problem is.

I can tell you which board s to send, tell you how to remove them and sometimes send you photos and a description to help you remove the board s. I have a very high success rate repairing circuit boards from Technics pianos and I do the job properly so the repair will last a good time. In this case I would need the top part of the piano brought here. Please ring to discuss the problem you have and I can tell you if I only need a circuit board sent here or if I need you to bring the top part of the piano.

Obviously bringing part of a piano here is usually just for customers in the UK but customers from the EU have driven their piano to me specially!

I live near Guildford in Surrey — half-way between London and Portsmouth.NOTE for product support, warranty and repair of KORG products: All product support and warranty coverage is provided by the Korg distributor of the country that your product was purchased in.

If you are not currently located in the country where your product was purchased and require local repair, please contact the local Korg distributor for servicing information. Please note, if you require warranty coverage you must have your product serviced in the country where it was purchased even if this involves paying freight to and from that country.

In this instance, please contact the dealer who originally sold you your KORG product to make the necessary arrangements.

Electronic Keyboard Repair

We have a network of retailers all over Australia as well as authorised repair centres located in each state. You can find your local Korg dealer on our Store Locator page. More about us. We aim to help our users get the most enjoyment out of their Korg products. We offer technical support via email and phone for Korg products purchased in Australia through one on our authorised retailers. You can also find a lot of useful information at our support section where you will find product manuals, FAQ sheets and more to help you with your product.

Just visit www. You can also find a lot of useful videos on the Korg official YouTube channel including detailed video manuals, demonstrations and artist videos. Check it out here. For product support, please email us at: korg cmi. To arrange product support over the phone, please send us an email enquiry using the above email address or our web form.

We can then arrange a time that we can contact you. Phone support can be offered during business hours, Monday to Friday, 10am till pm. Our Korg product specialists also run clinics and workshops. We encourage our Korg fans and users to come down, ask questions and get involved in these events. To keep up-to-date with the latest events, products and news for Australia, 'like' our Facebook page here. For warranty claims of products purchased in Australia, please contact the store from which you purchased your product.

The team at your local Korg retailer will assess your instrument first to see if there is an issue. If the issue is confirmed, they will then organise for the product to be sent to a local repairer and organise the appropriate paper work with CMI. If you have any questions you can contact us via email korg cmi. We will also supply parts where required, however the customer will be liable to pay for any labour, freight and parts costs associated with the repair.

If you wish to claim warranty of products purchased outside of Australia, you will need to get in contact with the store you purchased the product from.

Roland Service Repair Centers

You will be required to pay for shipping the item back to their store and pay for the return freight. For this reason we always recommend purchasing your Korg products in Australia from an authorised dealer. Should you need to purchase spare parts directly from us, please send your enquiry to korg cmi.Restored Memorymoogs and Minimoogs ready for final calibration and testing.

Click here to see some of our many synth restorations…past and present….

Replacement wheels, circuit repairs, factory upgrades if requested and tuning. Repair or replace panel controls and switches, power supply rebuilding, and even oscillator rebuilds for greatly improved stability. We use original parts whenever possible and do no repairs or upgrades without discussing it with you first. We can rebuild Taurus pedals from the ground up! Featuring full restoration, cleaningvoicing, and tuning. We can restore the pedalboard key contacts or even replace them with a new, custom built keyswitch set!

We offer ARP upgrades and repairs including all of the above services plus ARP reverb unit upgrades using high quality Accutronics reverb assemblies plus audio path chip upgrades for quieter output and improved sonic performance.

With over 30 years of experience with them, I have been around most of these instruments since they were new, and I understand how they should sound and feel. Servicing these instruments can be very challenging due to age problems and parts availability, but a properly restored and calibrated vintage synthesizer is worth every effort Please call or email me with any questions We offer FREE estimates!

Vintage Syn thesizer Repair, Service, and Restorations. Back to Top. Checkout some past and present vintage synthesizer restorations. Click here. We have over 30 years of experience servicing and repairing synthesizers. We offer free estimates and can contact you with several repair options, usually within a week of getting your instrument in the shop. We will consult with you before doing any repairs. We use factory and original parts whenever available. We offer full key action rebuilding on all keyboards that use the Pratt-Reed type action, and most others types as well.

Including new key bushings and lubrication, key alignments and spacing, and key leveling using original Pratt-Reed leveling tools.This Old Synth was created to bring a reasonably priced vintage synthesizer restoration and repair service to musicians in the bay area, and is located on the west tip of San Jose, CA where it meets Campbell and Saratoga.

Shots from the workshop. Portfolio of Repairs I'm at the point now where the number of vintage synth and amp repairs undertaken means that I cannot keep this log up to date. I hope that the information here has helped other repairers and I welcome their contact with questions.

I added a Blog to make adding repair data easier in the future. Moog Variants Realistic Concertmate Moog MG-1 Restoring this mini synth was a long process as the electronics in it is highly interactive and tends to mask the root cause. A previous repairer had replaced all of the sliders and switches, along with cleaning all of the goo from the control panel where the original foam had deteriorated. The switches and sliders still needed vast amounts of switch cleaner to get them crackle free.

Cleaned the keyboard contacts also. Transistor Q28 which is associated with the audio out LM was causing the crackling and very low sound from cold.

The contour issue was the LM U8 which is a summing amp. Thankfully Anchor Electronics had some of these obsolete LM's. Realistic MG-1 Moog This unit needed the sticky foam removed, and all of the switches and sliders replaced because the foam ruins them.

I was concerned as these parts ship from China and communications were non-existent, but parts turned up within a week and were fine. This unit was in excellent condition and after new parts and knob hardware were fitted it was like new. Customer was ecstatic, except Technology Transplant supply a bright blue led that is too bright for use in a darkened concert hall. I'm now fitting green, yellow, or red leds! Sorry for the bright blue Lance!

Realistic MG-1 Moog This unit also had its sticky foam removed and new sliders and pots fitted. It had a number of electronic issues to be resolved, many of which I'm convinced are due to sticky foam sitting on components - is this stuff conductive?

One of the poly chips had failed and luckily some folks in the UK have recreated the chip. The circuit board had a fracture through the tracks which were bridged. After this it was reliable and works great! Moog Rogue This one was not working after an attempt to move the wall-wart on-board. All issues resolved. MicroMoog The touch control was the issue here.What services are on offer?

Many repairs can be done on site. What made me study musical instrument electronic repairs? I first got interested in electronics when I switched from acoustic accordion to the Cordovox developed by Chicago Musical Instruments and marketed by Farfisa.

How to Repair Korg C-25 Concert Piano no sound

The electronics were basically a very near copy of the Lowrey Holiday organ with 12 basic tone generator oscillators which were frequency divided to provide a full 41 piano key treble side and the lower frequencies to provide the 12 basic bass and counterbass tones along with the mixtures of frequencies to feed all the chords in the Stradella bass.

The feed from the cabinet to the accordion was by way of a fat composite cable of individual strands. The bass sound was particularly good but the vibration played havoc with the plugs and sockets of the circuits. So as a working musician who just loved to play good meaty bass I kept having trouble with notes not playing.

However music is my number one and I worked in a music shop in Jersey Channel Isles where I repaired keyboards and accordions.

Rejuvenate Your Clavinovas. After years of use you may find your Yamaha Clavinova suffers from noisy key action.

korg repair near me

This is a problem which I can rectify by the fitting of replacement upper and lower felt dampers. Once replaced the keyboard will have the feel of the piano the day you first took delivery. The repair can be completed in your home and takes just over an hour. Why not give me a call on Customer Comments. Various components of the keyboard had broken and she managed to work round them and adapt tunes. However this time, the keyboard was rendered unplayable and we thought the only option was to dispose of it.

Despite the age of the keyboard, Mr Roxton undertook to repair it, collected it from our home and returned a few days later having repaired it. Our daughter was overjoyed with the result, and has been playing every day since.

We can recommend Steve Roxton without any reservations -he has performed a miracle on a keyboard that we had given up as broken beyond repair. Moreover he is a very nice man and it was a pleasure to meet him. I would happily recommend you to anyone in need of keyboard repairs.

The instrument is now working great and I am able to commit to gigs I thought I would need to postpone.

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