Yamaha dt175 cafe

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1975 Yamaha Dt 175 Motorcycles for sale

Exhaust finder. Helmets back. Apparel back. Shop by Discount back. Dirt Bike Motorcycle Cruiser Motorcycle Goldwing 7. Harley-Davidson Scooter 8.Fanfare for the common man. Back inYamaha were the first to put a trail bike into production and by the mid 70s the idea had caught on in the UK. The delightful DT series created a new way of getting about, and in fine style too. Not so with this and most of the new generation of Japanese leisure vehicles, as the Autolube system, once set up and running correctly, takes care of the engines needs leaving the rider little else to do but keep an eye on the oil levels and the tank filled.

The twin shock DT is a small and compact machine, which, before riding it leads most to think of it as little more than a play thing, a paddock bike maybe, but never a serious on or off road machine. It is solidly built however, and, when ridden with skill, is a great mix of competition trial and motocross machinery with the added bonus of being road legal too. The package is wrapped up in a superb piece of tube work, the spindly looking tubes that weld together to form the skeleton, upon which the rest bolts to, is actually a very strong and more than up to the multi tasking that could be asked of it at the drop of a hat.

Even the long travel forks and compliant rear suspension are up to the job on tarmac, making for a great ride; the DT could be used, and indeed has been, purely as an on the road commuter bike with ease.

The ideal size and weight, coupled with the right amount of usable power, is to be found in the DT, it is the size of a machine and yet produces power and torque akin to a Its compact motor sitting high in the frame giving trial bike like ground clearance, while being little wider than the frame loops making for a lithe, and agile machine. Amazingly, the later monoshock model is still in production for countries in the southern hemisphere, the simple motor and tough chassis proving an ideal workhorse on remote farms and small holdings.

The single pot, two-stroke engine is great low down in the rev range, a mix of clever design, and the degree port timing provided by the reed valve tucked away in the inlet tract, this characteristic alone makes the DT a great bike to be on, the rest of the machines abilities are just a bonus to be discovered as the ride unfolds below you. Even so the bike will easily keep up with urban traffic and is a great commuter machine with the added bonus of not having to strictly adhere to the roads should a tasty shortcut through the woods be a more tempting proposition.

On the road the ride is rock steady with no surrender being offered from the knobbly trail tyres, even when a fair bit of lean is added into the equation. Yamaha have judged the needs of this machine almost perfectly, just about every thing works very well on the hard stuff as the weight of the bike is never high enough to overcome the contact with the road. In these modern days of fuel injection and smooth power curves it may come as something of a shock to find that Yamaha had a bit of a handle on the art as far back as the early 70s.

Their close work, and association, with Mikuni always meant their machines were among the very best throughout the throttle range. This is no different with the DT and the 24mm, round-slide Mikuni fuels the big bore engine very efficiently, providing a controllable throttle input wherever you find yourself in the rev range, just open the taps and the lively single leaps into action. The same is true off road, and the DT can effortlessly tackle some extreme terrain without further modification from its road set up.

At anything above a brisk walking pace, the front brake lever has all the feel of a sponge, the result of a combination cable stretch and drum expansion yields little in the way of solid retardation, you can keep squeezing but there is no noticeable increase in stopping power. This is a most welcome attribute off road however; the front wheel being difficult to lock up on all but the loosest terrain and it soon becomes second nature to rely on the footbrake.

The Yamaha off road business began in earnest in February with the launch of the cc DT1. Before this point there was always some form of compromise whenever a machine was claimed to be a trail type with road based chassis and engines being press ganged into service with little more that a raised exhaust pipe and a set of off road tyres being fitted.Orders placed during the weekends or the following holidays will ship the next business day.

yamaha dt175 cafe

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Bike of the Day: Yamaha DT175

Saved Rides Manage Rides. Add a new ride. Dirt Bike Categories. Find Parts Fast. Select Year. Select Make. Select Model. Dirt Bike Parts back. Dirt Bike Accessories back. Tire Finder. Aspect Ratio.From an Arai press release.

Arai Helmet, Inc. Many roadracing champions will tell you that training in the dirt has helped them immensely in becoming the best rider they can be. The drastically reduced grip in the dirt makes a rider feel more comfortable on the street when one or both tires start slipping. Yamaha fans expecting to hear big news from the Tuning Fork brand at Intermot may be a bit disappointed the Cologne show only brought us a refreshed XJR, the MT Moto Cage stunt variant and a futuristic three-wheeled concept model.

Following the success of its MT platform, Yamaha says it will continue to develop new models based on shared platforms, allowing for a choice of multiple models while reducing overall costs.

This just in from the Yamaha Champions Riding School.

These filters are distributed to the U. Yamaha DT Motorcycles. Please only serious bidders Bought it about 2 months ago, did not run or turned on at all. Got a manual Online and started going through it. All Rights Reserved.

Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.Make Yamaha. Up for sale today is the last of my collection of Yamaha Dt Enduro's and the prize of my vintage collection, as far as I am concerned.

I bought it, along with several others years ago before they were sold off by another collector and heading for Yamaha Museum in California. This is as close to new condition you will ever see again, with no surprises. Runs perfect. I ride it a few miles a month around my neighborhood and makes people stop in their tracks.

I have put almost all the miles on it myself, very carefully and they are not a factor in its condition, it is like new. All original, not restored, they are not as good. Kept in climate controlled environment, all rubber, seat etc. Check my feedback for other bikes I sold throughout the years, people are surprised when the get them.

I had 27 at one time and this is the last and was my favorite because I was a poor kid and used to dream about having this bike but we could never afford one. Now its just been mainly for admiring and was very hard to decide to sell it. You will never see another like this. Clear title.

Matching s on frame and motor. New oem tires. No negotiations, its worth more than I'm asking and only appreciates in value. I just took these pics for this auction with my iphone, but I have hundreds of pictures, of all my bikes and included a few of some of my others I had, all sold now except this one. I am selling everything because I am going to travel the last years of my life.

I have truly enjoyed collecting bikes, but time to move on. Can't think of anything else right now. This is cheap for this bike, I think its worth twice this much so don't miss it, hit that button before someone else does! Thanks, Dave. Model DT Was used for short trips, with two mile road trips and performed excellent.

About 95 MPG. I was disabled inand afraid to ride it on the road because of it's vintage status and chance getting it stolen. This bike came with the rare vintage teardrop gas tank less than a gallon which give it the "look".

The gas tanks is clean and not rusted. Some very minor paint blemishes, and one minor seat tear, not patched yet.

yamaha dt175 cafe

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Yamaha DT175 cafe racer

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Jump to page:. Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. The bike is an '80 Yamaha DT enduro that a buddy and I picked up for free a year or two ago. We stripped all the crusty plastics and moldy seat off, then it sat in his barn until the last month or so.

The plan is a sort of cross between a Flat Tracker and a Cafe style build. Planning to roll a custom expansion chamber, low pipe style. I would like to go with the classic Yamaha racing yellow and black paint scheme, but we'll see when it's actually time for paint. A little sketch: How it looked when I rolled it home today: I pulled the plastic mud guard, and tucked the CDI underneath the gas tank. Also got the engine wiring tidied up, and added a master kill switch underneath the tank, out of sight.

Then I sectioned a few inches out of the rear hoop in preparation for building a little tail section. I also modeled the pipe in Solidworks a couple weeks ago, and picked up a little silencer I plan to run.

Let me know what you guys think so far. Looks like a pretty sweet little jammer! Gonna watch this one! Quick cardboard and blue tape mock-up of the tail section:. Stripped the bike down today, finished de-tabbing the frame, and gave the frame and motor a coat of semi-gloss black.

Then I mounted up an old offroad light I had laying around, doesn't look too bad. Also got the seat base mounted up, then cut out a chunk of aluminum for the tail section, and riveted it onto the seat base.


Then added some more tape to get a better idea of the finished product.Signals work perfectly. I'm using an electronic flasher that is not load dependent so it will run LEDs or even work with only one incandescent bulb per side. The stock 6v relay worked but made a funny noise and blinked too slow.

I tried grounding my LED turn signals straight to the capacitor battery eliminator and they still don't work well under about 2. I'll have to do more troubleshooting on that but the tail light and head light are great!

yamaha dt175 cafe

I didn't think there was enough power to run turn signals without a battery. I know incandescents won't work. I know of people that use battery eliminators on SRs and XTs and the turn signals work fine. I think mine will work well enough to pass inspection though. I Had to replace a blown tail light bulb the other day, first time since the 12v conversion. Which is not bad after over 18 months of use. I did blow a speedo bulb at the beginning but it was 2nd hand to start with.

It's that was my point I know its not elec start It's virtually the same bike as mine and NEO's. I've just been reading this project with interest as I have converted two FS1E's to 12V in the last couple of years. I wanted to run the lights on DC direct off the 12V battery as then you get full brightness even at tickover. The problem is that the standard rectifier and a C90 cub one are the 'half wave' type with a single diode, this means that only half of the ouput of the generator can be used to charge the battery.

This would mean the battery would not be charged sufficiently with the lights on assuming the wattage of the bulbs was the same as before the conversion.

The diagram below shows the circuit I used. This does need some soldering work at the stator and some modification to the loom. However you do end up with a simpler wiring circuit. When fully installed I checked it out using a meter strapped to the tank, measuring current into or out of the battery. I initially tried with a 35W headlamp std is 18Wbut the break even speed for charging was 44mph in top which is almost flat out.

I settled on a 25W halogen bulb where the break even speed was 25mph in top. I used a dry sealed battery from screwfix and it's never needed charging in over a year.

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